Imported Irish Linen Keepsake Bonnet


Made in the USA The Imported Irish Linen Keepsake Bonnet is delicately edged with Irish lace and embroidered with shamrocks. A beautiful white shamrock appliqué accents each ribbon tie. Boxed with a lovely poem and is meant to be kept for a lifetime. It can be used as a bonnet now and then as "something old" on your daughter's wedding day. "This Charming little bonnet holds an Irish wish or two - that baby will bring love and joy and bless your lives anew. Use it for the first trip home or on the Christening day when friends and family gather near with special roles to play. Then keep it as a treasure, for there's the magic key, by snipping a few stitches, a hanky it will be. A hanky to be carried when wedding vows are said, when baby is all grown up and then about to wed. Whether carried by your daughter or you son's sweet blushing bride, it will mean much more as 'something old' because it's adorned with Irish pride.