Classic Musical Birth Announcement Pillow for Boys & Girls



Our personalized musical birth announcement pillows have been one of our most valued keepsakes since 1989. The Classic Musical Birth Announcement Pillow is our newest style released in 2014, geared towards customers who prefer a more tailored keepsake.  Each motif is cross-stitched by hand and is color coordinated to compliment the embroidery. Our musical baby pillows play, "Rock-a-Bye Baby" and are custom embroidered special for the recipient. Pillows hang from a satin ribbon.

Usually Ships within 2 to 3 weeks.

 We welcome all calls and emails with any production questions.

  • Measures 12" x 9" Each pillow is handmade so dimensions can vary slightly. 
  •  *** We have a new embroider & all pillows will be block font ***

    Text if you would like to see the block font.