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12.0 cu. ft. 1 in. to 3 in. 900 lbs. Teakwood Pebbles

12.0 cu. ft. 1 in. to 3 in. 900 lbs. Teakwood Pebbles

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Margo Garden Products Beach Pebble collection offers hand-picked stones from the most beautiful beaches in the world. All stones are naturally created and tumbled to produce smooth and rounded rocks for outdoor landscaping and for use as indoor accents. Pebbles are complimented by a bag designed for easy handling to apply and store for all sized projects. Use Beach Pebbles as a substitute to mulch along walkways and outdoor gardens, in fountains, in planters and in creative interior and exterior landscape design. During transportation a layer of dust may form on the pebbles. For best results it is recommended to wash down the pebbles after installation with a garden hose.

Pebble size 1-3
Consistent and durable color
Helps soil retain moisture, prevents erosion
12.0 cu. ft. smooth landscaping rocks
Coverage area of 45 sq. ft. at 3 in. D, 67.5 sq. ft. at 2 in. D
Easy to accent for outdoor and indoor areas

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