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12 cu.ft. 3/8 in. Extra Small Cream Washed Gravel (30-Bags/Covers)

12 cu.ft. 3/8 in. Extra Small Cream Washed Gravel (30-Bags/Covers)

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Margo Garden Products Gravel collection selects only high quality all-natural stone from regions surrounding the Southwest Pacific. Use landscape rock and gravel to control for water erosion, decoration around trees and flower beds, topcoat material for a ballast roof system and /or reduce water usage with a dry scape lawn and garden. Margo's rock and gravel helps stimulate a healthy natural environment for fish in aquariums, ponds and reduces the amount of unhealthy debris in the water.

Contains 30-bags of 0.4 cu. ft. round and smooth landscaping rocks
Helps soil retain moisture, prevents erosion
Consistent and durable color
Pallet total coverage area of 45 sq. ft. at 3 in. D, 71.4 sq. ft. at 2 in. D

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