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500 ft. 16 AWG, 4 Conductor 16/4 26-Strand Speaker Wire, White

500 ft. 16 AWG, 4 Conductor 16/4 26-Strand Speaker Wire, White

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RED ATOM Cable. High performance cable with easier, 4 in. payout hole, pull box. Designed to save you time, increase performance and improve safety. Experience smoother, hassle-free installations with time saving features.

Less wasted time, more productivity, the 4 in. payout hole with REELEX coiling technology has resulted in the best pulling experience available to installers, the box itself has a huge 4 in. payout hole and is built like a tank using reinforced cardboard water-resistant paper laminate and double strength handles, inside, the REELEX II coils ensure a tangle-free pull and hassle-free installation, try it once and you'll never go back
iLabel is a print legend to help you identify and pre-mark your cable for each room, wall and jack location and its printed on every one of the cables, the location and application information can be circled with a sharpie, each room is designated with an abbreviation that tells you specifically where the cable is going (i.e. BR1, GAR, KIT, etc.)
Ascending/descending foot markers, less scrap with foot markers that show how much cable has been used and how much is left before you pull the cable, this reduces waste and helps you make use of all the cable in each box or spool, foot markers are printed every 2 ft. on the cables
Rip cord, all of the cables have rip cords, to make the cables as easy to strip as possible
Cable winding pattern, combined with the 4 in. payout hole, means less time hassling with wire and more time working
Reinforced handles, dual-layer reinforcements mean the days of ripping your handles are over, this tougher, stronger and more rugged build helps maintain box integrity
500 ft. white

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