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1 in. 27 cu. ft. 2200 lbs. Commodity Black Slate

1 in. 27 cu. ft. 2200 lbs. Commodity Black Slate

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Rain Forest commodity rocks offer you the best of both quality and affordability, 100% sourced from the USA we guarantee you will be happy with the results and savings. Commodity stone is great for garden border edges, drainage, fountain displays, flower bed ground cover, pathways, walkways and driveways. Order your slate today and get your project started.

Average slate chip size is 1 in. but some stones may be smaller or larger
Slate chips are ideal for gardens, pathways and landscape accents
Unlike wood mulches, stones will not fade, discolor, crack or attract wood pests such as termites and ants
Helps retain soil moisture and control erosion for a healthy lawn
Slate chips instantly add beauty and value to any landscape
Choose the natural elegance and long-lasting beauty of commodity granite chips for your next landscape creation

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