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44.5 in. Fiberglass Handle 57.5 in. Root Slayer Carbon Steel XL Shovel

44.5 in. Fiberglass Handle 57.5 in. Root Slayer Carbon Steel XL Shovel

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The Root Slayer is always a good choice for tough cutting jobs in the outdoors. Now, to make gardening more comfortable for tall gardeners, the Root Slayer landscape gear comes in an extra-large variation. It has all of the great digging features of the original Root Slayer, but it has an extended shaft and comfortable straight handle for tall and expert gardeners who prefer to use longer and straight-handled landscape tools. The shaft is unbreakable with a non-latex grip to give you the best digging experience that a garden spade with cutting edge has to offer.

Saw-like digging shovel for easily ripping through roots and dirt
V-shaped cutting tip and serrated edges reduce the strain when digging
Extra-wide, elevated forward-step to support your balance while digging hard-packed soil
Durable powder-coated carbon steel tip for heavy-duty gardening tasks
Light-weight pultruded extended shaft made of 13-Gauge resin-encased fiberglass
Regularly clean your shovel to maintain the quality and performance of the blade
Blade measures approximately 10.5 in. x 13 in.
Tool measures approximately 57.5 in. L
Root slayer XL shovel is under manufacturer's lifetime guarantee
Lifetime manufacturer guarantee (continental US only)

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