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42 in., 32 in. Handle Root Slayer Carbon Steel Trench Spade

42 in., 32 in. Handle Root Slayer Carbon Steel Trench Spade

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The Radius Garden Root Slayer 42 in. Carbon Steel Trench Spade is a durable turf edger tool that gives you optimal leverage for more digging power and wide foot placement that allows you to dig deeper, while also functioning as a root saw. The blade is capable of penetrating hard-packed soil and entangled roots. You can now make perfect channels and trenches with less effort. It is a narrower version of the Root Slayer Shovel, yet it has the same heavy-duty digging capabilities of the original Root Slayer.

Root slayer trench spade with wide foot platform for better leverage
Narrow root slayer for easily digging trenches
Durable trench spade with a resin-encased shovel shaft
Designed for heavy-duty digging jobs
Serrated drain spade-like blade is made of tempered steel
Regularly clean your root slayer trench spade to maintain quality and durability
Tool measures approximately 42 in. L
Root slayer trench spade is under manufacturer's lifetime guarantee

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