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Landscape and Garden Micro Spray Watering Kit

Landscape and Garden Micro Spray Watering Kit

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Rain Bird's most complete drip irrigation starter kit includes everything you need to water a garden or landscaped area. Simple installation involves running tubing on top of the ground from an outside faucet to the planting area where you place the microsprays and bubblers to water your plants. The watering devices are clog resistant and specifically designed to provide dependable watering of all plants, helping ensure consistent growth, better vegetable yields and resistance to disease.

Landscape & Garden Micro Spray Watering Kit
Efficient watering of closely spaced plants and flowers
Eliminates watering by hand
Save time and money with up to 80% water savings
Includes 2 types of watering devices; micro sprays and bubblers
Simple 3-step installation; connect to faucet, insert fittings into tubing, attach watering devices
Includes everything you need; 2 adjustable micro bubblers, 4 adjustable micro sprays, 50 feet of distribution tubing and 50 feet of 1/4 inch tubing. Also includes faucet connection, pressure regulator and fittings.
Lay out to fit your specific landscape or garden design
Constructed of durable UV resistant materials for long life
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