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LED Light Meter

LED Light Meter

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Auto-ranging LED light meter with detachable and rotatable sensor that allows for 1-handed operation. This LED Light Meter is capable of measuring popular light sources including white, red, green, yellow and blue LEDs up to 199,900 Lux (19,990 Fc). The R8140 includes an auto-ranging feature to optimize resolution and keeps track of minimum and maximum readings. This instrument is also capable of measuring standard incandescent light sources.

Measures ambient light levels of white, red, yellow, green and blue LED light and visible light in foot-candles or Lux
Backlit LCD display
Detachable and rotatable light sensor
Min/Max and data hold functions
Cosine and color corrected measurements
User adjustable parameter for specialized light sources
Low battery indicator and auto shut off
Included: LED light meter, detachable sensor, sensor cover, hard carrying case, and 2 x AA batteries

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