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2-Person Cedar Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters

2-Person Cedar Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters

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Unwind and let any tension fade away with your own in-home sauna. This luxurious sauna room is constructed from Canadian red cedar, a premium softwood that's world-renowned for its heat insulating properties. With a low density and high proportion of air spaces, this softwood contains heat inside the sauna, minimizing power usage and maximizing relaxation. Six, perfectly positioned, low-EMF, carbon heaters blanket your body in soothing warmth as you escape from everyday life. Crisp, clear sound from an integrated audio system enhances your at-home spa experience.

A SOOTHING ESCAPE - Immerse yourself in luxurious, rejuvenating warmth. Six carbon heaters are perfectly placed to distribute heat evenly. An integrated chromotherapy system releases infrared lights that are easily altered to suit your mood.
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This gorgeous sauna is constructed with high-quality Canadian cedar, a beautiful and durable wood that serves as an excellent heat insulator. Its bronze-tinted glass is tempered for reliable longevity.
EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Set the mood with a built-in stereo sound system including a CD player, radio, and auxiliary connection for smart phones. And you can breathe easy thanks to the included air purifier and adjustable roof vents.
DIMENSIONS - 47.25-in W x 39.5-in D x 75-in H; Cabin space: 44.3-in W x 35-in D x 68.5-in H
MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Your sauna comes with a seven-year warranty on the wood and structure and a five-year warranty on the heating elements and electrical components (excluding the radio). There is a 1-year warranty on the radio.
Cedar sauna room for up to 2 people
Crafted from Canadian red cedar with tongue-and-groove construction
6 carbon infrared heaters; 1770 watts; operates up to 140 degrees F
Operates up to 140 degrees F
120V / 15A and 1770W
Dual interior and exterior LED control panels
Integrated sound system with aux input, radio, and CD player
7-Color chromotherapy lighting system enhances your sauna experience
Adjustable roof vents bring in outside air; electronic oxygen ionizer purifies the air
Ergonomically-designed, solid cedar, portable backrests for extreme comfort

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