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Pneumatic 3-1/2 in. Full-Size Palm Nailer

Pneumatic 3-1/2 in. Full-Size Palm Nailer

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RIDGID introduces the 3-1/2 in. Full-Size Palm Nailer. This nailer is compatible with 4d - 16d common bulk nails 1-1/2 in. - 3-1/2 in. long. It has a magnetic guide for precise fastener placement and a tool-free micro adjustable depth-of-drive to give you accurate depth while protecting your work surface. It is ideal where space prevents hammer swings or the use of bulkier tools and for positive placement applications. It operates at 50 psi -120 psi air pressure and has enough power to drive a 3-1/2 in. nail into solid wood. This tool is compact and features an optimal weight, 2.9 lbs. aluminum body with a zinc top cap for smooth drives. The adjustable hand strap and new and innovative Hex Grip texture will give you a comfortable and secure grip in every application. All of these features are backed by RIDGID's industry leading Lifetime Service Agreement. That means Free Parts, Free Service, For Life. Included with the Palm Nailer are a swivel quick connect, oil, wrench, and an operator's manual.

Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment-sets nails to desired depth and stops driving when desired depth is met to protect work surface
Size palm nailer-drives nail up to 2X faster and with less vibration than mini palm nailers
Aluminum main housing with zinc top cap-provides durability and optimal weight for reducing fatigue while driving nails without vibration
Self-cleaning inlet filter-keeps debris out and extends tool life
Hex grip micro texture-enhanced micro-texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort
Nail channel magnet-holds nail securely for accurate fastener placement
Left or right hand adjustable hand strap-reduces user fatigue and can be adjusted for left or right hand operation
Swivel quick connect-allows hose to hang with gravity and improves tool balance
Lifetime Service Agreement with registration
Includes: (1) R350PNF 3-1/2 full size palm nailer, a swivel quick connect, oil for tool maintenance, a wrench, and an operator's manual
RIDGID: Build for a Lifetime

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