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SHL Series 8 ft. 100-Watt Integrated LED White Shop Light, 5000K

SHL Series 8 ft. 100-Watt Integrated LED White Shop Light, 5000K

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The SHL is a custom lighting solution for warehouse and shipping areas. The SHL series was designed on request to replace an overhead and dock light with just 1-light. The SHL provides 5 ft. candles 20 ft. into a vehicle and ample down lighting on dock or sorting area. With over 120 Lumens per Watt, our high quality, high output LED chips combined with a LG-Innotek driver deliver low-energy and low-heat output to maximize the life of LEDs.

Provides up to 11,400 Lumens of consistent, bright light
High output directional light casts light in 180¡ã- aim the light at the wall, door or bay to light the area and what is directly below it
Impact-resistant smooth frosted lens
Proprietary diffuser reduces glare by evenly distributing light generated by high output LEDs
UL Listed junction box design leaves plenty of room for electrical connections and includes knockouts for simple wiring and gangability
Lightweight aluminum hinged bottom mount
Moisture resistant fixture, prevents dust and insect intrusion
Wireless control ready

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