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20-Tine Multi-Purpose Lawn Rake

20-Tine Multi-Purpose Lawn Rake

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The Razor-Back Multi-Purpose Rake is a Heavy-Duty Rake designed for intense cleanup jobs. Whether you are removing thatch from grass or raking common yard debris, this rake is designed with components that are strong enough to outlast the impact of raking a variety of material from rocks to mulch. The curved steel tines dig deeper into the ground than standard rakes enabling the rake to sweep a clean pass with each stroke. The curved shape also enables the rake to hold more material making it great for cleaning up large areas. The thick design of each tine combined with their steel construction makes these tines strong enough to rake rough and heavy material like landscape rocks and pieces of construction debris on jobsites. Rely on this rake to rake to remove even the toughest material.

Curved tines dig deeper than standard rakes for a clean sweep on the first pass
20 in. W rounded basket shape holds more material with each sweep than a standard rake
Strong, thick steel tines rake a variety of material like landscape rocks, leaves, thatch or mulch
51 in. L fiberglass handle for durability and end grip for comfort and control

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